Revisions and Errata

Despite the best efforts of designers, proofreaders, test knitters, and technical editors, mistakes in knitting patterns happen! (And if they happen to you, I apologize for the inconvenience.)

On this page, you’ll find links to the revision pages for the PDF patterns sold on this site, and errata for my patterns published elsewhere.

PDF pattern revisions
If you are looking for errata for PDF patterns purchased from this site, chances are you don’t need them. Errors in those patterns have been corrected in the PDF file and are thus automatically incorporated into all downloads from that point forward; all you need to do is make sure you’ve got the most recent revision.

How do I check to see if I have the most recent revision of a PDF pattern?
Look at the filename of the pattern you’ve saved to your computer. There is a two-digit number, which corresponds to the revision number.

Rogue is currently at revision 2.2.

Eris is currently at revision 1.2.

Celtic Cap is currently at revision 1.1.

If you find that your pattern is out of date, the revision history for each of these patterns is available — click on the “revision” links above.  If your pattern filename bears the revision number listed above, you don’t need to look at the revision history.

What about tips, techniques, or modifications?

If what you’re actually looking for are tips, mods, or other discussion about the patterns, go to that pattern’s purchase page on the site.  You’ll find links to this type of information at the bottom of the pattern page.  (Links to tips and mods are also provided in the sidebar menu.)

Printed pattern errata

Shedir cap, from the Knitty Fall 2004 breast cancer awareness mini-issue: Actually, there are no errata.  Row 63 of the chart is missing the (1 st *) notation, but that is redundant notation that is unnecessary to complete the pattern. 

Occasionally some knitters beginning this project suspect that the cap might be too deep, and alter the pattern to shorten it (by removing a pattern repeat).  Others discover that the cap is too deep after they finish.  Shedir was designed as a chemo cap.  Chemo caps are generally deep enough to conceal the fact that the wearer has no hair, which means that the hairline at the back of the neck needs to be covered.  So, if you’re knitting this for someone with hair and you think the cap will be too deep, go ahead and shorten it.  But if you’re knitting this cap for a chemo patient who is losing his or her hair, don’t be so quick to shorten it.  Instead, if you really think it might be too long, I suggest removing a cabled pattern repeat, but working extra rows in the 1×1 ribbing to compensate for the lost repeat.  If the cap is too long, the ribbing can be folded up.

By the way, I have from time to time received inquiries from knitters who have downloaded and printed out Shedir only to find that the chart is missing.  It’s not missing, I promise you.  This is a two-page pattern: the instructions begin on page 3 and the chart is on page 4.  You need both pages to knit the cap.  And if you can’t see the chart on your computer but you can see other content in the PDF, then it’s time to upgrade your Adobe Reader.

Purple Haze cardigan, from Knit Wit: There is a mistake on page XX.  Where the instructions read “…”, that should read “…”: those xx stitches should be remaining on your left-hand needle.

Little Black Top, from Stitch ‘n Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook.  The editing makes for confusing reading.  Go here to read what I’ve written about the errata.

Big Sack Sweater, from Stitch ‘n Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook.  Again with the editing.  Go here to find out what happened with this one.

Cropped Tank Top, from Knitgrrl 2.  I’ve got a .600 average with the errata-in-knitting-patterns-published-in-other-people’s-books thing.  The schematic in the book is incorrect — the tank top is not a mere 5 inches long!  That’s the armscye depth; the entire tank, from shoulder to hem, is approximately 8.25 (9, 9.5, 10, 10.5) inches long:




If any other errata crops up, check out the errata page at

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