Need to request a fresh download link?

The patterns for sale (Rogue, Eris, Celtic Cap) are now being distributed via Ravelry. Clicking on one of the foregoing links will get you there.

This means that if you purchased your pattern before 27 December 2010 and you lost your copy, requesting a new download link using that old system (which was Payloadz) won’t work anymore. Please email orders @ girlfromauntie . com to ask for help! You’ll need to provide some identifying info so that your purchase record can be retrieved–the best bet is your PayPal email address.

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Where to buy printed patterns

Electronic (PDF) versions of the girl from auntie patterns are available only from this site. The print versions of these electronic files are not authorized for sale or distribution by anyone else.

However, authorized print editions of these patterns are available from select retailers. The authorized print patterns are formatted differently than the PDF files, but with just as much white space, large charts, and clear type. They are printed in black and white and include a glossy, full-colour cover page. Currently only Rogue and the Celtic Cap are available in print.

You can find the authorized print editions at the following retailers. Note that some of them may only sell the pattern in kit form only. Please contact these retailers for details.

Knitopia (604.531.4818 or 1.886.531.WOOL) (White Rock, BC)
Lettuce Knit (Toronto, ON)
She Ewe Knits (Milton, ON)

United States
Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks (Portland, OR)
Weaving Rainbow (Sunset, TX)

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Pardon my lint

This used to be the main page for “patterns” on this website.

Well, it still is, actually, but there’s some revision going on. Formatting and programming and uploading reloading and tweaking and more uploading and more reloading and more tweaking. When it’s done, it’ll look… something like this.

But the content is still here! Did you want to buy some patterns, like Rogue or Eris? Please come this way. Or did you want some free patterns? The clothing and accessories are here, and the cables are here.

For Rogue: if you would like to replace the side panel cable with a panel that doesn’t involve waist shaping, here are a couple of options for you: the Simple Celtic Panel and the Composite Celtic Panel.

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