Well, that didn't take… uh… short.

This, finally:

For Immediate Release
March 12, 2009

Contact: Debbie Stoller, [redacted]
Gregory Garvin, [redacted although tempted]

HEADLINE: Sew Fast Sew Easy and Debbie Stoller Reach Agreement on Trademark

(New York, NY) ?Ǭ? Sew Fast Sew Easy and Debbie Stoller have reached an agreement over the use of the marks ?Ǭ?Stitch and Bitch Cafe?Ǭ? and ?Ǭ?Stitch ‘N Bitch.?Ǭ?

Under the terms of the agreement, Sew Fast Sew Easy’s ?Ǭ?Stitch and Bitch Cafe?Ǭ? mark will be limited to goods and services in the areas of sewing and embroidery, while Stoller?Ǭ?s ?Ǭ?Stitch ‘N Bitch?Ǭ? mark will be limited to goods and services in the areas of knitting and crochet.

“I am glad to report that we have amicably resolved our dispute and differences to the satisfaction of each party,” said Sew Fast Sew Easy’s Vice President, Gregory Garvin.

“We are all happy to put this dispute behind us and are urging all of our respective supporters and other concerned parties to likewise put this dispute behind them and discontinue any remaining boycotts,” said Debbie Stoller, author of the ?Ǭ?Stitch ‘N Bitch?Ǭ? series of knitting books.

# # #

This was in my inbox, not quite 10 months since it was announced that the press release would be “forthcoming”.

On that note, I suppose my next pattern is roughly “forthcoming”. Good! I have enough deadlines.

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9 Responses to Well, that didn't take… uh… short.

  1. Dr. Steph says:

    This just in “Law reinforces common sense”. That really is news. ;)

  2. lori says:

    oh good. maybe they will get rid of that tacky ‘men with balls’ knitting forum in the ‘stitch and bitch [non-knitting?] cafe’.

    so sad it took so long to come to a what would appear to be a common sense kind of conclusion (full circle?).

    good luck with your next pattern. :)

  3. j. says:

    Does this mean that groups (still?) need to get Deb Stoller’s permission before they start selling t-shirts, etc. with “stitch and bitch” on them?

  4. minnie says:

    well, that tears it. Sew Fast, Sew Easy is permanently off my list forthis crap (not that they weren’t before). wonder if cafe press will allow the phrase “stitch and bitch” now?

  5. amy says:

    wait…am i the only one who caught the important part? vice president gregory garvin? they are just handing out titles like candy over there, now aren’t they?

    in all seriousness though, i wonder what all this means for the groups? although i’m sure most of them have had the names changed for so long it would be as much of a pain to go back to using them.


    I still don’t like SFSE for being such jerks about it in the first place. They SO did not use that term first. I remember a guy at my church talking about his wife’s Stitch & Bitch group (as in, from when he was young), and I haven’t set foot in a church in 15 years. Which means I probably heard it 20 years ago.

  7. Carol says:

    Geez, couldn’t they have figured that out over a beer two years ago, instead of engaging in a lengthy and expensive legal pissing match engendering all sorts of mockery and bad publicity?

    Now all we’ve got is the cashmerino debacle and She Who Will Not Be Named But Apparently Will Be Reprinted.

  8. Kristi says:

    My first response was to laugh, but then I paused to wonder how much both parties had to pay in legal fees to reach this obvious conclusion.

  9. --Deb says:

    Well, as long as they didn’t drag it out, or anything…