Throw away the key

Lil’ Kim says she wants to take up knitting in prison in order to make things like Martha Stewart’s famous prison poncho. 

[from transcript provided by Critical TV, via Gawker]

Well, this is a woman who has been featured on Go Fug Yourself more than once.

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2 Responses to Throw away the key

  1. Puleeze says:

    At least she hasn’t whined about it on her blog. Mabye Lil Kim could start whining about people ragging on her design sense — and also rag on her designs, and also rag about people who cancel public appearances (while asking forgiveness for the ones she misses of her own accord).

    That would all be much more knitterly.

  2. Elabeth says:

    She should make herself some nice little crochet pasties to wear when she’s released. I’m thinking something with pompoms AND tassles!