Swedish for blindingly obvious

(or, deep thoughts at 5 am.)

Having built or worn their wares, IKEA is to furniture what Hennes & Mauritz is to clothing. Both their products are cheap, and they all come flat-packed. (Really. It looks like H&M staff just take the stuff out of the boxes and hang it up, wrinkles and all.)

However, only one of them puts any information on its website about monitoring factory working conditions–the other one just says it gets products from 200o+ suppliers in 50 countries. And one of them uses drive-bys to advertise its wares (thank you, Kelly; but of course the video’s still on their website, and the posters are still in Canadian stores).

Oh, and the H&M website doesn’t seem to work in Safari.

Anyway, the reason for this post was to make two H&M-related comments.

First, Stella. I was unimpressed by the Lagerfeld line last year, and I have no interest in tight jeans with ankle zips (hello, 80s — I knew there’d be more of you when I saw the intarsia sweaters on the rack), but one may hope that there’s something interesting that wasn’t already knocked off in H&M’s existing clothing line.

Second, stylish knit pants. Unfortunately, while they’re in the shop, they’re not online, so I can’t link to it with a URL dripping with sarcasm. Picture it: light teal, machine weight yarn, knit in something vaguely resembling the dragonskin lace pattern (can’t remember what it looked like, exactly), tapered. Yum.

I’m pretty sure it didn’t have feet.

Edit: I was passing by today (I don’t mean to make that sound like a coincidence, it’s just that there are always a bunch of clothing stores between my home and my intended destination, really and for true) and double-checked. Sorry, it’s not teal, it’s grey–the lighting on the mannequin must have given it some colour. It’s two tones of grey in a viscose-blendy looking material. And it’s not dragonskin, but it is a texture/increase-decrease pattern that yields tessellating, rounded triangles. It’s straight-legged (like yoga pants rather than 80s workout gear). And it has front pockets trimmed with ribbing to accentuate that tummy bulge. Oh… and it has a wide, double-thick, ribbed and foldover waist band, just in case you didn’t have enough chunkification going on.

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5 Responses to Swedish for blindingly obvious

  1. j. says:

    My experience with the mat clothing was half and half, since a seam split on one top during pre-wash (and it was laid flat to dry, too) and the neckline was a wonky V-neck that wouldn’t lie flat, but kept gaping. The latter might have been a body shape fluke, though. But I wore the second top (different style) a lot.

    And I appreciate their accessibility, too. The shops in Toronto were either built or renovated to order, so they’ve got automated (push-button) entrances and elevators, so that all the fancy parents with their Bugaboo Frogs can swarm the store and make everyone with a three-year-old Peg feel like they’re pushing an umbrella stroller.

    No, I’m not jealous.

  2. Emma says:

    Three things I like about H&M – the children’s clothes, especially the baby clothes. It’s the only shop in the UK where you can get clothes for baby girls that are in colours other than pale pastels unless you’re willing to pay for Baby Prada etc.

    I also like their plus size range as it’s cheap and aimed and a younger market than most of the other UK shops that sell plus sizes.

    The maternity wear is also good for pretty much the same reasons as for the plus size range.

    I don’t look at most of the shop, here in Nottingham, everything I want is on the first floor, I head straight for the lift (due to the pushchair that accompanies me everywhere these days) and ignore the rest. Although the odd item catches my every now and again. They have some gorgeous things in a deep bottle green – my favourite colour.

  3. j. says:

    In the 70s, when I was too young to dictate what clothes were purchased for me, I felt like a dork wearing my pull-on, blue velour flares. So for me, the answer has always been YES!!!

  4. Robyn says:

    Oh god, does this mean my 30+ pairs of flares are out of style?

  5. monika says:

    Oh dear. Will this 80′s madness never stop? I was a teen in the 90′s, to me 80′s fashion is still the dorkiest thing ever. This may be because my style doesn’t evolve. It may also be because shapeless pink sweaters with incredibly tight jeans tucked into knee-high boots makes anyone look like crap. Seriously. I had some errands in town today, and the only way to stay sane was to pretend everyone was just on their way home from horse-riding. They looked like my schoolmates in 2nd grade who took riding lessons, so it wasn’t too hard. Now, how to rationalise those knit pants? I’m Swedish, if they are in H&M, everyone will be wearing them.