In our continuing story, Deb Stoller has filed a reply [PDF] in the cancellation proceedings. The reply is on-topic, and very restrained. It explains that the amendments that she seeks to make couldn’t have been made earlier, because the discovery answers from SFSE were required first. Some (and I don’t know who) might suggest that the reply reads like a patient parent explaining to a recalcitrant child why eating chocolate right before suppertime will ruin her appetite.Speaking of which, SFSE is selling chocolate bars emblazoned with their registered trademark. Personally, I don’t eat chocolate tinted that shade of pink.SFSE has also started offering a “Stitch & Bitch University” series of sewing courses. Ten 2.5-hour classes for $620, which somehow totals 26 hours based on the website description.  Is this the use they were referring to?  Eagle eyes might spot the header on that page that reads “Stitch & Bitch U”. Where’s XRX when you need them?

In other, trademark-related news-that-isn’t-really-news-in-the-sense-that-it’s-not-noteworthy-but-rather-another-reminder-of-how-nice-it-was-to-knit-before-they-hitched-up-the-bandwagon, the pending trademark application for Tyra Banks, (i.e., her name) includes knitting needles. Because you really should be doing something productive while you’re parked on the couch.

(And please, whatever you do, don’t go poking around looking for knitting pictures, because (a) you won’t find any, and (b) you’ll make your head implode. I’d rather not admit how I know. But I suppose that “bonified” should be a bona fide English word, because it’s capable of so much meaning.)



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10 Responses to SnitchU

  1. j. says:

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  2. Angela says:

    Editorial comments in italics: I’m beginning to wonder if there’s an Internet cafe next to SFSE, or if the shop has its own access.

    I just found this posting as I am finishing this exact class. I must say that I feel the techniques that I learned are well worth the cost. I knew nothing about sewing and my mom, who has sewn for years, compliments the techniques I have learned. I do plan on taking more courses there before I apply to FIT or Parsons.

    I am sorry that you seem so upset by this trademark issue, but trademarks serve the purpose of protecting business from using common phrases.

    Yes, that’s exactly right!

  3. Jackie says:

    I think dear old Greg Garvin proofed the copy for these new products and services. Improper use of a semi-colon, MIA commas, random floating quotation marks, mispelled words, and just plain old poor sentence structure…and I still can’t figure out their math. 10 x 2.5 hours would be 25, not 26, right?

    And I’m not a sewer, but I do have a machine and have made a couple of REALLY simple Halloween costumes. I must ask: will learning how to sew a pillow, a t-shirt, and a tote bag really get me “runway” ready? Those seem like REALLY simple projects I could figure out on my own. It’s pockets, linings, darts, and the like that would trip me up.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Did you notice that they used the wrong form of “their” (“there”) on the page advertising the sewing classes?

  5. Jake says:

    Well, you’ll be happy to know that according to Googlefight, bona fide has more than two orders of magnitude more ghits than bonified.

    I know I was relieved.

    But I agree that it should be a word. As in, “his brain is so bonified, I’m surprised he can even dress himself!”

  6. Charlotte says:

    OK,I confess, I watch Everwood. In the last 2 weeks on that show, the town slut (who happens to own the LYS)is passing out “Stitch and Bitch” flyers inviting knitters to come to her shop to knit and chat. So, do you think that SFSE will be going after the producers? Do you think that the producers even KNOW about SFSE? Or care?

  7. Jennifer says:

    Well, you know, it’s really hard to be a super model turned talk show host. Because modeling is, like, hard. I’m sorry. I think my head just exploded.

  8. Steph says:

    I should have read ahead before I clicked the Tyra link. Once the noise started I ran away before I lost any brain cells.


  9. Janice in GA says:

    But “bonified” is so… so.. VERB-Y!

    Lovin’ the drama.

  10. jauncourt says:

    I find it especially appalling that they don’t even provide the materials (or, if fabric is left out to allow students a choice, their notions kit). For 25 dollars per course hour, I’d expect a bit more than a paper certificate and a shopping list, particularly given that the fee is more in line with an accredited college than a beginning sewing class series.