Signs of the knitting plateau/apocalypse

New Zealand removes knitting needles from its “basket” of goods used to compute its Consumers Price Index, suggesting this item has become less important in NZ household spending.

New Zealand, people. The place with lots of sheep.

On the other hand, beans, parsnips (parsnips?), spring onions, soy sauce, and rice cookers were added to the CPI basket, and you know that all of those are very useful with lamb.

Consumers Price Index… it’s what’s for dinner.

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3 Responses to Signs of the knitting plateau/apocalypse

  1. j. says:

    I suspected that most sheep were raised for meat, but I couldn’t resist the northern hemisphere hyperbole…

  2. M-H says:

    Actually, most of the sheep raised in NZ are for meat or for coarser wool, llike carpets and insulation. The finer wools are commoner in Australia, because they thrive better in the warmer climate. But it is bizarre that knitting needles are coming off the CPI at this point. My ex-husband used to be one of the compliers of the CPI in NZ in the 1970s so I do know a little of what’s involved.

  3. Jewel of Montreal says:

    Very perceptive…the knitting bubble’s gotta burst at some point, right?