Shout out to the imprint webring

Hmm. It seems that within the two weeks after Hurricane Katrina (I’m not saying there’s a connection, I’m just speculating because I haven’t any other explanation) a number of sites that were on the imprint webring were bumped off due to a “no response” error. The details of those sites weren’t lost, they were just moved to a queue, but unfortunately the Ringsurf script didn’t involve notifying anyone involved. Thanks to Brenda (Needle Beetle) for alerting me to this.

I’ve gone through these sites, and fixed up their Ringsurf status. If you think you’re supposed to be in the ring but aren’t, then the reason is that I couldn’t find your ring code on your site (or you didn’t meet the conditions of membership). You can fix up your Ringsurf details yourself by logging on to your Ringsurf account, or if you’ve forgotten how to do that, I can fix it for you. E-mail me with the URL for your imprint ring code.

If you’re wondering what the heck the imprint ring is, it’s a webring for self-publishing knitting designers who also sell their own works using their website, whether in print or PDF. (Shop the ring!). If you’re interested in joining up, the (unformatted) details are here. Coming in January — a nicer-looking page, a better ring logo, improved monitoring(!), blog buttons, and more promo.

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