She calls it a geographic miracle

Starmore starts with a prologue.

Starmore complains about an announcement (PDF) published by a third-party retailer, Upcountry, referencing the “Harris Tweed Company,” which doesn’t actually exist. She also mentions shade cards for “Harris Arran” yarn that had been distributed, perhaps directly by HTTL (not clear). The saga begins to sound like a Scotland v. English ignorance rant.

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2 Responses to She calls it a geographic miracle

  1. allyson says:

    Maybe I am just dense but sheesh. What would AS do if she didn’t have something to rant about?

  2. Orla Lehane says:

    Rumour has it in this part of the world that The Harris Tweed Authority has not produced accounts since ti was started in 1993 despite being required by law to do so! Apparently the local council have asked for them a month or more ago and have not received them! Do you think the might not have done their accounting! As to Scotland v England it seems more like demented in pursuit the pointless!