Some notes:

  1. Some very nice person had written to me a while ago about speaking to a guild about copyright. I’m really sorry, very nice person, but I totally lost your e-mail before I had a chance to respond… and therefore I didn’t. I didn’t mean to be rude.
  2. Note to self: when they say “join without twisting”, they mean you, dumbass.
  3. (Solution: keep knitting, steek and untwist before starting the colourwork. It’s just ribbing.)

  4. Note to all and sundry: I’m sorry, I do not collect Beehive patterns or patterns for Aladdin heels, etc. If you read my post about the patents on sock heels, then you’ve seen the links to the patents that contain verbose instructions on knitting those socks. That’s the best I can do for you.
  5. Artfibers seems to have updated their website to include some more yarns, and to remove others that are now out of stock. I’m rather sorry they don’t keep a little archive of their previous yarns, because I find myself wondering how certain new yarns differ from ones that I had previously purchased from them, in an attempt to persuade myself that I don’t need any more yarn. Because I don’t. I’m going to have to destash pretty damn soon.
  6. … destash, like Sirdar PLC, which announced that it has “significantly reduced” its expectations for the rest of the fiscal year, due to “a more severe than expected downturn in demand for fashion hand knitting yarns and continuing difficult market conditions”. And you know what “fashion” meant in that last sentence. What’s the matter, was that re-invention of the hairpin lace technique not moving enough novelty yarn?

Oh, by the way, the Get Smart DVD set is all that. Possibly I wound up paying a premium to get it right now, as opposed to waiting several months, but waiting was never an option.

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2 Responses to N.B.

  1. Tracey says:

    Hey there, I bought one of your patterns a few years ago and thought, duh, hey why don’t I go check out your blog. Love it. Will be coming back for more, probably more patterns too.
    Yeah, gonna have to put one of those fabo Loopa’s on my Christmas list (gag). We have a LYS near me and half the damn store is filled with recycled soda bottles…whoops, I mean fashion novelty yarn. Each one of the “doctor’s wives” sales associates is always wearing some furry, freaky scarf. I really can’t wait for this little phase to fizzle out for good.

  2. Carol says:

    Hmm, does this mean that I can dig out that old ball of Snowflake Chunky (purchased before I knew better!) and sell it on Ebay for a gazillion dollars?

    Didn’t think so.