More on the truth about novelty yarn

This is almost six months after the fact — but hey, I only just read this today: synthetic yarn went up in flames at a Zellers in Montreal last July, generating toxic fumes and a day off for people who worked nearby.

See? They were right.

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4 Responses to More on the truth about novelty yarn

  1. Karin says:

    I wonder if the yarn that went up in flames was the old Wendy’s Fizz which was recalled by the manufacturer in 2005 because it would literally catch fire if even a spark hit it.
    Which incident reminded me & ties in with the yarn/name debate which you touch upon in a later post: there are several yarns named Fizz on the market today; there are other “doubles” too. I am not sure what Cascade’s problem is, when I had a yarn shop for almost 4 years I knew them to be excellent to deal with. KFI however was horrible, horrible, horrible. Cascade has excellent customer service, their yarns were always avaliable, the quality consistent. Maybe sadly their owner is suffering from paranoia?
    One of the reasons I got out of yarn retail was the incredible competitiveness that was starting to happen in 2006 when yarn companies realized that the market was starting to become saturated and everyone had to come up with more/better/bigger…stuff for us to knit with. That was also the beginning of the cashmere controversy.
    My ideal yarn shop, if I were to open one again, would be one that has nothing but fair trade and organic yarns, and fair trade needles and bags and cases… they are out there. We just have to put our money where our beliefs are; which is not easy if you have to make a living, unfortunately.
    Thanks for the space.

  2. Barbara says:

    That is crazy! Yuk!

  3. Bryn says:

    “Friends don’t let friends knit with acrylic.” I’m saving this for the next person that accuses me of yarn-snobbery–”See? It’s really a safety issue.”