Memento mori is just so… dead

If skulls are everywhere and have lost their impact, is it really worth spending hours knitting them into your clothing?

(When I read the article linked above, I thought “angels? what angels?”… evidently I missed a fad.)

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7 Responses to Memento mori is just so… dead

  1. Marcy says:

    It’s never a waste of time to knit skulls into clothing.

  2. PixenPenko says:

    I was a goth ion the 80s and it looked crap on me then so I can only imagine that wearing black and banging ‘The Mission’ CDs about would be even more unbecoming now.
    Actually, this has nothing at all to do with skulls except that , well, designing sleeves was really doing mine in ‘until’ I read your three parter in knitty. Now I feel liberated, joyous, zippy (?!) and inclined to write to tell you that I NOW LOVE YOU (in a mother of a six month old, but-I-can-have-a-crush-on-you-anyway kindaway).
    Thankyou. My weekend was turning to poo and you have made it infinitely better!

  3. Zabet says:

    Oh no! I’ll have to replace my entire wardrobe!

    Or not.

  4. marta says:

    I like skulls and still want to knit them subtly in my own garments. Goth, angels, wolves, dragons or whatever the collectible de jour, I’ve never been a slave to trends. Flash back to the 70s and you’ll find me in peg leg levi’s, plain white tee shirt and black converse sneakers when everyone else had huge bell bottoms, peasant shirts of gauze and chunky boots. feh.

  5. carlarey says:

    Actually the angel market is still thriving, just not the ironic usage by big name chains and designers. Not long ago I saw a Wolf-Angel (yes, a grey wolf sporting white wings)figurine in a shop. I was just about to make fun of it when my friend saw it, let out a reverent sigh and bought it.

  6. Natalia says:

    Hee hee. Voltaire is a comedian,well he’s a comedic musician. He’s written a number of tongue-in-cheek books in the past few years including “What is Goth?”, “a Gude to gothic Homemaking” and a couple of other less memorable ones. They’re all targeted at grown up goths, who are amused by the whole mainstream commercialization of the whole gothic thing.

    He’s most well known, though, for his song “When you’re Evil” – which is is kind of like the Doors “People are Strange”, but kind of not. And it’s funny.

  7. Amy says:

    Tee hee. Is it not funny that someone who would write a book in 2004 (about twenty years too late!) called “What is Goth?” would find irony in skulls being no longer considered dangerous? I still like the skulls & figure that the trendy period will pass.