Make it so

In my blog peregrinations this evening, I came across this site that will apparently help you develop brand and business names for “free”. (I suspect that other people have blogged about this in the past, as their “naming tools” page seems vaguely familiar.) One of the tools is a forum where anyone (I suppose) can suggest names for other people’s fledgling businesses.

… So of course, I looked up the threads on naming a knitting shop. Some dreck, as could be expected, and some names derived from neighbouring crafts.

Personally, I like “Warp Factor 8″.

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2 Responses to Make it so

  1. Jet Tenley says:


    I find it interesting that with so many people in this world that after a while there would not be some repeats or similarities in names. It’s not just a lack of imagination, but more a lack of words or phrases. Have you tried to find a URL lately that isn’t used? It’s the main reason I have my URL as Celtic X roads for Celtic Crossroads…there are so few .com URLs left, and .nets are getting to be the same way, especially with some certain people scooping up all the similar URL names for themselves and then selling them off for an astronomical price. However, if you’re creative, you can usually come up with something that’s fun or different enough to make a dent in the URL highway, whether for an Internet stores or brick and mortar stores. Put words together in defferent ways like the newest fiber store in Walla Walla, WA, called Knitochet, which has knitting, crocheting, yarn, and spinning/fiber supplies. Then there are the people who made the double ended crochet needles and named what they do as crochenit… It’s just not that easy for some people to think of creative names, so this is a good thing to use a URL like this if you do not have that creativity to think of an original name. Originality makes both you and yoru business stand out.


  2. Steph says:


    Though I like it too.