it's not all green yarn

We interrupt the law and economics symposium to announce that since the sewing habit picked up a bit (do you have any idea how hard it is to sew when the only place for your sewing machine requires suspending the electrical cord three feet above the ground across open space, and is in a separate room from the ironing board, on which, by the way, the iron cannot be left unattended whether plugged in or not? Highly inconvenient), I’ve started to run out of room again.

It was about time to face reality anyway, so I’ve started listing stash for sale on this undeveloped site. What’s listed right now is less than half of the first load (aka Rubbermaid tote), and there’s another three loads waiting to be photographed, too. Since it’s a long weekend, I hope to get a lot more done soon.

I thought about uploading the stash stuff to Ravelry, but I’ve barely had time to poke around since I got my invite last month (I’m girlfromauntie, surprise, surprise). Plus, the stash blog was already set up.

(I haven’t read that decision yet. Hey, it’s a long weekend.)

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One Response to it's not all green yarn

  1. Carol says:

    ~drool~ You’re killing me here!