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KFI has published this statement on Ravelry (copied wholesale):

The allegations and claims in The Knit With’s recently filed complaint are without merit. We intend to defend the lawsuit vigorously in the proper legal arena. Our attorneys are currently in the process of preparing the appropriate legal response.

~ KFI ~

And looking at a previous post by the same user (KFI, usually(?) Jeff Denecke posting), two months ago:

KFI is a very different company from what it was even 3 years ago. Internal management has changed, customer service staff is all new and improved, warehouse staff is improved – in reality there are only a handful of people left in the company that were here during the height of complaints about KFI. We have improved ourselves, and hope folks will give us a chance to show it.

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2 Responses to Interesting (1)

  1. PICAdrienne says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder how it can be proven the suit is without merit, when the company has had to undergo substantial change in the last three years.

    Maybe it is just how my mind works, but if the company has HAD to undergo substantial change, then the functioning of the company 7 years ago would be open to question.

    I can remember times, at various places I have worked, where all phone calls were supposed to be routed through specific people (generally right before or right after companies have been sold), I think those posts explain why.

  2. OK, I’m laughing because the “prove you’re human” word is “disagree”. :D I think I need to arm myself with a list of KFI distributed yarns, so I can steer clear and not give them any more of my money than they’ve already gotten. I understand that they’ve got to defend themselves, but at this point? Perception counts for a lot.