If you think $500 for an Alice Starmore book is a bargain, you'll love…

Her old Mac IIci.

Obviously, knitters who will enter into desperate bidding wars to procure Starmore’s out-of-print books would jump at the chance to own this piece of Knitting History™.  After all, if you can’t own the book, you can always own the computer that was used to create the charts for The Scottish Collection!

This “true piece of knitting and computing history” is offered with a letter of authenticity signed by Alice Starmore to brandish in the face of your jealous knitting friends.  However, it is not offered in working condition.  Note that the hard drive has allegedly given up the ghost and has been removed.  So you can forget that idea of rescuing the original pattern files from the hard drive.

Hurry!  The starting bid is a low, low, 10 GBP!  (Plus shipping.)

 (Thanks, Milinda!)

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8 Responses to If you think $500 for an Alice Starmore book is a bargain, you'll love…

  1. gaile says:

    oh good lord, the nostalgia factor on that on is just too much. what’s next, her used socks? an old hair brush? that’s just silly. Of course, I’m someone who’s trying to repurpose St Brigid into a design that anyone in this century would wear – i.e. reworking the pattern to use a set in sleeve – will do the maths with the knitty articles in hand once I figure out what to do with the cable patterns. over size sweatshirt is just not a good look for me, but I suppose I’ve succumbed to the lull of the starmore cable. maybe therapy is in order.

  2. Dawn Brocco says:

    Gee, and to think I gave away my IIsi and will be donating my Umax C500 clone (603e/200) with 12″ Apple monitor and Umax scanner to the Salvation Army! If I signed it, maybe it would be worth $6 instead of $5!
    Dawn Brocco, designer, not nearly as infamous as Alice.

  3. j. says:

    ‘fess up. Who thought it was worth 50 GBP plus 30 shipping?

  4. Susan says:

    Maybe next will be some of her dropped stitches! :)

  5. Jennifer says:

    Yikes. I suppose it’s not quite as crazy as the guy who tried to sell Britney’s used chewing gum, but still.

  6. Bryn says:

    Oh, good gravy! What’s next? Someone selling a holey pair of Meg Swanson’s socks (“the very pair that Meg developed the little-known Fnortner Stitch on!”)? An old sweater Debbie Bliss spilled catsup on (“Debbie was wearing this the day she was eating a hamburger and dreaming up the ‘Bird Jacket’!”)? Hmmmm…I’ve got a couple of old TI 99/4a’s; think any designers might give me a letter of authenticity for ‘em? They still work great and you can play “Hunt the Wumpus” on them and everything!

    And J., that list of other items the seller’s bought has me coming up with all kinds of interesting scenarios for that combination of stuff…

  7. j. says:

    I completely missed the reserve. I wonder what it is–in a situation like this with an item that you’d just as soon trash or preferably donate (if you could find someone who’d take it), you’d think that the reserve would be low or not set at all. If the reserve in this case is high, I’d see it as an indicator of the size of the seller’s ego.

    Check out what the seller, basswench, has been buying on eBay–lots of leather hides, a walking stick with an eagle’s head, and a camcorder!

  8. melinda says:

    But you won’t get it for 10 GBP, since it has a reserve.