I lost it.

I can’t find the yarn I’m looking for.

It’s the Zara that was on sale at elann four or so years ago. The yarn that people bought, and then discovered smelled funny? Like kimchi? That yarn.

I bought it in ecru and green, and however much I got (I haven’t looked it up), it was two sweaters’ worth. I can’t find it in the kid’s closet (which has nothing of theirs in it, it’s all my stuff), I can’t find it in the Rubbermaid Bins of Mystery in the bedroom, I can’t find it in the Closet of Further Mystery and a Great Deal of Fabric in my room, it’s not in the list of yarn in the Offsite Storage Locker of You Realize You Have a Problem With All This Yarn, I see no mention of it in my e-mail about having sold it off (would you sell somebody yarn that you knew used to smell like kimchi?) unless I was looking in the wrong folders… the only place I haven’t checked is the downstairs Storage Locker, because I’ve been putting it off because the Storage Locker is of Doom and the entire parking garage has this parking garage musty smell (not really musty, but I don’t know how to describe it) that sticks to you, but which fortunately has not permeated the yarn in the of Doom Storage Locker, because the yarn down there is in Rubbermaid Bins of Fortitude. But aside from that, I have no recollection of putting the yarn down there so if it’s there I will be surprised.

The end.

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6 Responses to I lost it.

  1. Beth says:

    Too funny! Makes the problems that I have dealing with my small stash seem minuscule in comparison. Having once lived in Japan (for over 20 years), I can well imagine a yarn acquiring eau de kimchee. Nothing that a bath in some organic lavender or eucalyptus soap won’t cure, if you ever find it!

  2. You made me Laugh! i THOUGHT i was the only one who had little buckets, boxes and mess piles…. haha…

    I HAVE TO SAY, now that I am doing more crafting these days, to maintain this active blog, that project table is PERMANENTLY ‘messy’ (I don’t dare to write what I really call it in my head .. ha ha)

  3. It’s good you have Rubbermaid Bins of Fortitude. The combination of garage musty (probably cement-dust?) smell with eau de kimchi would be a bit much.

    Good luck.

    Uh, maybe your yarn escaped and it’s in one of my storage places. We’ll let you know if we smell kimchi (that turns out not to be actual kimchi).

  4. Carol says:

    I love that someone else has Bins of Mystery — except we tend to accumulate Clothesbaskets of Doom. Just don’t tell my husband that it is possible to store yarn off-site or I will be screwed.

    Good luck finding it! Maybe a kimchi-conversant bloodhound would help?

  5. Sara says:

    if you ever find this musty kimchi scented yarn, i hope you make a scratch-n-sniff sweater. maybe like the hamburger dress, but with more cabbage?


  6. Green yarn? You can’t find the green yarn? Amazing LOL!!!