Friday pessimism

I’m behind on a knitting deadline. Someone’s going to break my thumbs.

Studies showing that drinking wine on a regular basis help prevent heart disease are fatally flawed, according to a new UC study (although that doesn’t mean that moderate indulgence doesn’t have some benefits).

I bet dark chocolate is next.

On a vaguely related note, for those of you annoyed with unsolicited blessings or prayers on knitting mailing lists, note that a Harvard study determined that prayer had no effect on heart bypass patients, and that patients who knew they were being prayed for suffered more complications.

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10 Responses to Friday pessimism

  1. Taphophile says:

    Chocolate = cocoa beans. Beans = good for you type vegetable. Just saying.

  2. Carol says:

    What if you eat chocolate while drinking wine and knitting? Any studies on that?

  3. AmyP says:

    Good job I’m teetotal then! Although I second them not touching studies to do with dark chocolate. IT’S GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  4. Emily says:

    They *have* said the thing about chocolate, just today, at least as far as depression is concerned – apparently may make you worse!

  5. 3c says:

    Someone sent me the URL for that study about prayers/heart surgery and I (literally) checked 3x to make sure that it wasn’t a spoof site.

    As for wine and the UC study, well, they’re contradicting the value of earlier studies sponsored by UC and they’re also kinda contradiction broad population experience in Europe, no? Or maybe the key is that you have to have a European view for the wine thing to work?

    Hey, your US tax dollars at work, why would anyone question a UC finding

    -3c, an advanced degree graduate of the Cal (UC Berkeley) School of Public Health….

  6. Stephanie says:

    Curses! Trying to ruin knitters’ faith in the power of good wine and chocolate again…

  7. Celia says:

    That moderate drinking thing would have to be too good to be true.

  8. amyknitty says:

    if I broke your thumbs, how would you get the work done? you’ve got me by the skeins, dammit.

  9. Chris says:


    Did you have to post the wine thing on a Friday?! The humanity, the humanity…

  10. mamacate says:


    They better not mess with the dark chocolate finding. It’s a cold and harsh world out there, and I for one rely on the comfort that wine and chocolate are good for me. Okay, chocolate.

    Sigh. Truth hurts, I suppose.

    Pray for me. Heh.