… for all the yarns in Harris

Di Gilpin wins the 2005 Balvenie Artisan of the Year award. (The article will disappear from The Herald’s website in a day or so.) The prize: 2000GBP and whiskey.

For her, working with wool and needles is a lifestyle – and one she wouldn’t swap for all the yarns in Harris.

Tee hee.

This article runs through some of Gilpin’s efforts since 1983, when she set up shop on Skye. She has collaborated with a Canadian designer, Paul Hardy, for the past three years (I didn’t know that — here’s a shrug that was published in the distinctively titled Knitting magazine, and here’s Hardy’s website — what is it with clothing designers and all that Flash, anyway?), and she’s apparently going to oversee a UN project for the production of hand-spun cotton in Sudan.

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