First we take Chicago

SFSE has moved on to another city on CafePress: Cleveland.

The knitting group has accordingly changed their wares to specifically avoid any confusion with that sewing shop in New York. Note the fine print.

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8 Responses to First we take Chicago

  1. Becky says:

    Unconfirmed Rumor: They also shut down SNB Denver and Detriot. So I heard. Wish we could all of us communicate better and come up with a plan.

    We’re talking about going to to the media to start. The Cleveland Plain Dealer should be interested, and since Chicago already loves you guys, you should look into it too. I also just signed up for a Fark account. Trying to decide exactly what to post there.

  2. Diana says:

    I love the fine print on the shirts. Tickled hubby’s funny bone as well…after I filled him in on the whole drama that is SFSE.

    It will certainly be interesting to see how this all finally plays out. I can’t imagine it ending in SFSE’s favor, however.

  3. j. says:

    Lawyers have special black-bordered stationery (complete with “Tales of the Crypt” font) that they have printed up *especially* for this sort of thing.

    Regarding the use off ®: nothing wrong with that. The R-in-a-circle can be used with a registered mark, whether it’s registered for use with goods or services. “TM” and “SM” are notations that may be used with unregistered marks (you can use them with registered marks, but why would you do that when you could use ®?).

    I’m a little more concerned about the specimens of use that were submitted for the new trademark application. Gee, I always thought that when you submitted a photograph of the mark imprinted on a product, it had to be real, and not a mock-up…

  4. jenny says:

    “they’re” I hate when I do that!

  5. jenny says:

    I just discovered from looking up their registration that “Stitch & Bitch Caf?©” is not a trademark – it’s a SERVICE mark. That means their misusing the ¬Æ symbol. It should be accompanied by the symbol “SM”. Jenna, comments?

  6. Shannon says:

    And hey, I’m on the road doing book stuff now, I had nothing to do with writing that fine print! Although, if you knew my knitting gang, you’d know that’s probably on the polite side of what they *could* have written!

    Not to mention, on that certain sewing store’s website, they now have a section for people looking to license their horrid snb-emblazoned merchandise. See:

    Marketing Team? Oy vey.

  7. Becky says:

    News: They also closed down the CafePress stores of SnB Twin Cities and SnB Stockton/Lodi.

  8. Steph says:

    I think I may have to buy one of those shirts.

    I can see their trademark application stirring up some serious backlash. Methinks this wasn’t the publicity they were looking for.