Erratum (Little Black Top in Stitch 'n Bitch)

There is most definitely some kind of mistake in the Little Black Top in the Stitch ‘n Bitch book.

It wasn’t my doing. Most patterns are proofread to some degree for technical correctness before they are published. In the case of the Big Sack, they added two more sizes; for the LBT they evidently had a different opinion as to gauge than I did, because they reduced it from 5 sts/7 rows per 1″ to 5.5 sts/7.5 rows per 1″, and they recalculated the instructions to match this gauge.

In the LBT, they also revised the instructions for the back, I suppose in theory to make it easier to follow the split neck opening instructions. Originally, I had written the pattern to instruct the knitter to work to a fixed armhole depth for all sizes, then start the back keyhole opening, which would be of varying depths for each size. Instead, they wrote the pattern to instruct the knitter to work to a varying armhole depth before working the keyhole opening, then work a further fixed amount, regardless of size. That’s fine; everyone has the same size head, generally speaking, so a fixed keyhole opening size is appropriate.

Unfortunately they didn’t get the instructions quite right. Instead of the bizarre “Work 27 or 19 (as for shoulder) rows even…”, you should just “Work 19 rows even…” As for shoulder? Well, what about it? You haven’t even reached it yet. I don’t see the reasoning behind the 27. Similarly, the other side of the back neck should be worked evenly for 19 rows.

Well, I hope that’s the only mistake in my patterns.

[Update: No, it wasn't. Lisa pointed out that the stitch pattern set out for the front is incorrect. The book tells you to knit 40(x, y, z) stitches, then work 11 sts in garter stitch, then 40 stitches to the end. Of course, your work should be symmetric so that the garter stripe is centered, which means that you should work 40(x,y,z) sts in st st, garter 11, then work another 40(x,y,z) sts again. And also, the stitch count for the largest size of the front is incorrect. The book tells you to work 51 st st, 11 garter st, etc., but has a stitch count of 115. Therefore, you should work 52 sts in stockinette on either side of the 11 garter sts.

And then there was the Big Sack sweater errata.

Also, a handy clarification: the pattern as edited for the book did not tell you that you would begin knitting on the RS of the piece (front or back, doesn't matter). Generally, unless you're told otherwise, you can assume that you will begin to knit on the right side of any given piece. Also, if your pattern instructions tell you that you are to knit a piece to a certain length and finish with a WS row (or with RS facing for next row), you may work one more row if necessary so that your work is facing the right way for the next set of instructions.]

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