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Another gem pulled in by Google: spinsters welcome needle exchange programme

The Minister of State with responsibility for the National Drugs Strategy, Pat Carey, has said the Government will have to look at introducing needle exchange programmes across the country…

[T]he move has been welcomed by spinsters representative group NEVERADIT who said that the programme will do wonders for the knitting industry.

‚ÄúWe‚Äôre stuck at home all day with nothing to do but to write to the papers giving out about filth on the telly and saying how things are not like they used to be,‚Äù said their spokeswoman Ida Lovett…

“Our only outlet is knitting and if we have to exchange our knitting needles every few weeks, sure it will get us out of the house, and save us a few bob on buying new needles,” she said.

Ahahaha. (Ahem. While I am guessing that The Register appreciates the significance of its news sources, some readers of MetaFilter may not get it. And that should be enough of a hint as to whether this is for real.)

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