Don we now our puffy shirts

I appreciate that knitting magazines have a longer lead time than street fashion, and that many hand knitting designs are reactionary rather than innovative, so in that context, the cover story of the spring 2006 knit.1 is still timely.

However, black and white striped tops do not say “pirate.” Rather, they say “referee” or “zebra crossing.” Or, in this case, “fuzzy referee” or “fuzzy zebra crossing.”

Do pirates even have a bandwagon? I thought they just had planks.

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14 Responses to Don we now our puffy shirts

  1. Louise says:

    I guess they were thinking of the french sailer shirts LL Bean sells – which are cut and sewn from smooth jersey, not big and fuzzy.

  2. DoryO says:

    “Pirates” were the theme for the University of Wisconsin’s Homecoming parade this past fall. Maybe it’s a hip, college thing that the young people are down with. I noted on the Knit.1 site that they also drop hip-young-people cues like “set your Tivos” and “anything else you want to rap about.” I doubt I’m their in target demo. Wait…isn’t “rapping” in this context a sixties term?

  3. martin m says:

    pirates are an important factor in the prevention global warming


  4. jauncourt says:

    I really would have loved that sweater.

    In 1986. When I had pink hair.

  5. Elisabeth says:

    I say, definitely a zebra. How funny that Lion Brand has a skunk toy project.

  6. Robyn says:

    re the Johnny Depp thing, I think the sequel is coming out soon (like within the amount of time this mag will be on the rack). I saw a piece on Keira Knightley last night on Much.


  7. Steph says:

    Let’s all pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster to smite these pirate imposters!

  8. fillyjonk says:

    Totally says “zebra” to me.

    what they need to go with it is a person wearing a golden yellow fun-fur sweater with a mane-like cowl on it – then it can be Predator and Prey instead of Pirates.

    (And what is WITH this ‘pirates’ fad? I mean, I know pirates seem cool and all that – but wasn’t that Johnny Depp movie like a couple years ago? And didn’t REAL pirates, like, kill people and rape women?

    I wonder if, four hundred years hence, the out-of-context fashion fad will be KKK wear or something like that).

  9. Natalia says:

    Yup, not piratey, more like prison-y.

    As for LaurieM’s wish for a fun-fur skunk, Lion Brand is on it:
    Pocket Pet – Skunk

  10. LaurieM says:

    If someone would make a pattern for a cute skunk toy made from that stuff, I would gladly plunk down my money. Fun fur should only be used to make fun furry toys!

  11. Rainy says:

    I am all about pirates and I don’t get it either. No respectable pirate would be caught wearing that for fear that they would find themselves keelhauled or swinging from the yard arm. Yarrrrr.

  12. Chris says:


  13. Scout says:

    I didn’t quite get it either.

  14. beth says:

    I think it says “convicted felon.” Actually, it probably says “stinky convicted felon.” Mmmm fun fur.