Dog stock

Since I don’t actually get a paper copy of The Globe & Mail, I have to rely on Google Alerts to tell me that Jo-Ann’s stock (the company doesn’t even have outlets in Canada) is a dog this week:

Yesterday’s close: $22.50 U.S., down $2.40 over week It’s hard to know what would be worse – spending a day in jail, or being forced to wander through the aisles of yarn, fabric and knitting supplies at Jo-Ann Stores. Actually, we’ll take jail. Shares of the largest U.S. fabric and crafts retailer got a knitting needle in the eye after the company posted a second-quarter loss of $18.4-million, hurt by markdowns to clear out discontinued items.

Sure, if “jail” is the Nicole Richie version. If wandering through Michael’s is the equivalent (without as much fabric and sewing stuff), I’d rather spend an equivalent time in a lock-up (damn dried flowers and other whatsits gathering dust make me sneeze). Although, on the whole, I’d rather wander through Toronto’s textile district.

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4 Responses to Dog stock

  1. Shannon says:

    JoAnn’s yarn selection is really miserable. You can count on one hand the natural fibers. Their fabric section’s really gone to hell, too. And after repeating the word “welt” to a clerk who thought I was looking for “quilt” (?) about 800 times, well… let’s just say I don’t even like to buy sewing supplies there if I don’t have to, which is sad given it’s almost the only option anywhere nearby.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Ya know, I don’t like going to hardware stores.

    But I’d still take a couple hours hanging out at a hardware store over jail. I presume that not only has John Heinzl never been to jail, he’s never been part of one of those “scared straight” programs that my junior high school (well-meaningly but probably not very intelligently) made ALL of its students (not just the trouble-prone ones) go through.

    I also suspect that if Heinzl has a female significant other, and if she likes to sew or knit, he’s probably “in jail” sleeping on the couch.

  3. AuntieAnn says:

    Well, those knitting supplies are pretty pathetic, but I’d still take ‘em over jail.

  4. Sarah says:

    I would guess that John Heinzl has not spent any time in jail.