Cold, cold rabbits and Mr Sheep

Found two things: Orkney Angora (they source the yarn from other parts) and from that, an online shop I had never heard of before based in Toronto, Irene and Mr. Sheep (stocks Cascade and the aforementioned angora, and apparently has 30% off until December 25).

I’m still not keen on knitting with angora what with the shedding and the preference for black pants, but hmm. They’ve got olive.

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5 Responses to Cold, cold rabbits and Mr Sheep

  1. >M-H wrote:
    >But also I found the name a little, er, odd – >are they a couple, this woman and this sheep?

    No, we are not. We are just Irene – a human and just Mr. Sheep – a sheep.

  2. M-H says:

    I got an unsolicited email from them too. And they were snarky when I asked where they had got my address – I’m assuming from my blog as I’m on two lists and they don’t seem to have hit either of them. But also I found the name a little, er, odd – are they a couple, this woman and this sheep?

  3. Steph says:

    So how did you find them? Their price on Cascade 220 is good.

  4. j. says:

    Ew. Unsolicited e-mail. I find that more invasive than paper junk mail, likely because the encoded claptrap finds its way into my computer, whereas paper stuff finds its way into the recycling bin in the mail room and never enters my personal space.

    Note that if Orkney Angora only charges shipping at cost, it’s cheaper to get a sweater’s worth directly from them, even with the 30% discount.

  5. JoVE says:

    I an at least one other person on an e-mail list I’m on got unsolicited e-mail from Irene and Mr. Sheep. Makes me less inclined to shop there.

    Angora is warm. I spun some Angora and romney recently and knit a scarf. It has been a very good thing in the recent cold.