Codename: NINJA

Why, yes, I did vanish from the face of the earth. Technically, I wasn’t gone; it’s just that the demands of the day jobTM overwhelmed all extracurricular activities.

(I did manage to make it to a couple of Drunken Knitter’s Nights, and the grand re-opening of Lettuce Knit/Amy’s party, but I couldn’t stay too long at any of them.)

The one knitting-related thing I managed to half-complete has been a sweater in Rowan Calmer, which is now known as Ninja: it’s the sweater that kicked my ass. (I supplied the “ass” part; Amy supplied “Ninja”.) It’s the only project that has caused me to panic, cower at the sound of Amy’s voice on the telephone, and reflect on the general inadequacy of my knitting abilities.

It started out as a fairly straightforward project involving a heavily-cabled fabric at a reasonably small gauge–you know, like any other fairly straightforward project. But as time wore on, it became apparent that I would not be able to complete the entire thing by myself before the initial deadline. (Notice how I said “initial”. That’s called foreshadowing.)

Enter Wannietta, who graciously agreed to work on the sleeves as I whipped up the body, thus saving me time and enabling me to meet the delivery date, which by this time had been shifted forward by a few weeks or so. (Wannietta, if you didn’t know, knits professionally, and you’ve probably seen the work of her hands in a number of places. Her work is beautiful.)

Well, the sleeves were finished ahead of schedule. The body? Not so much. I think by the time I received the sleeves, I had about six inches done (the body is knit in the round, so that’s not as bad as it sounds, but still.)

That in itself wasn’t such a problem, except because of the aforementioned day job thing, I had no time to catch up. Plus, once I had Wannietta’s sleeves in my hands, I literally wailed how the quality of my knitting could never match hers, and that my body was not worthy to be joined to her sleeves, and what do you mean you can’t tell, are you blind, just look at it, and don’t talk to me anymore and go do something useful like cook dinner, will you?

Fortunately for me, Wannietta, graciously again (especially since she already knew what she was in for, thanks to those sleeves) agreed to knit the rest of the body. So now I can proceed to fall behind on other deadlines with more peace of mind.

I’d like to compose an ode to Wannietta, but the only rhyming word that comes to mind right now is “margarita”.

(Wannietta has a picture of the sleeves, which I asked her to lengthen, on her blog.)

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3 Responses to Codename: NINJA

  1. Abi says:

    Oh, it’s good when you can look forward to missing other deadlines!

  2. Meg says:

    Isn’t it funny how Rowan Calmer often results in anything BUT calmer.

  3. Welcome back. I have missed you. Having, or not having, a day job does tend to make a difference in how much knitting you can do, and thus ultimately on your acquired knitting speed. All that daily training does pay off over time.