Cliché is right.

Look, it’s got everything you ever saw in a yarn, ad nauseam.

It’s a quarter synthetic, it’s inelastic, and it comes with strange multicoloured tufts of man-made fiber to provide “textural interest” for all those times you can’t be bothered to do it yourself. Yum.

In other news, the knitter’s guide to copyright is back, baby, in its entirety! Sure, it took me more than a year to revise it and reformat it, what with the two server crashes and everyday life and whatnot. But now it’s searchable. Oooh.

And I’m shackled to the drawing board. I started working on a design for a garment with a neckhole and no sleeves, oh, about six months or so ago. Remember, long before the Slate article, but still after we cool knitter types had already metaphorically bashed the poncho back to the stone age whence it probably came? (Of course, I wasn’t going to call it a poncho. I’m way too fashionable for that. It’s a capelet, thank you very much.)

Since my knitting time is severely limited in general, and because my design process for cables is approximately [(four rows forward, two rows frogged) five times, then frog a further six rows (all the while madly pencilling in and erasing bits of charts in graph paper notebooks], well, I figured the wisest thing to do would be to add an adaptation for either a poncho-sweater sort of thing, or a normal-shaped pullover sweater. So I started knitting the poncho-sweater adaptation over the holidays: a flared body and sleeves worked downward from a cabled V-neck. I got as far as half of one sleeve and a couple inches of body before I forced myself to recognize the harsh reality that no person could wear such a garment and not look pregnant. The theory was sound, but the implementation looked like a tent. Somehow, a capelet doesn’t quite do the same thing to a body. Go figure.

This leaves the normal-shaped pullover sweater, of course. I pulled some Plymouth Turino Silk out of the storage locker this morning, and assuming I can get gauge, I’ll be starting on the next version tonight. Assuming I resist the urge to rejig the neckline cable, which I probably can’t, because it’s bugging me.

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One Response to Cliché is right.

  1. Steph says:

    Sorry to hear you didn’t get in with the trend before it ended. But it’s going to be lovely when you finish the sweater version.