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More online publishing

I’m sure that soon, the number of online knitting-spinning-crocheting-textile arts magazines will outnumber the print mags. Here’s another one: Spindlicity, a mag for hand spinners, by Laidybug. Ignoring for the moment the “At this time, Spindlicity cannot pay for submissions” … Continue reading

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Again with the ponchos

Dear woman I’ve now seen twice on Bloor Street wearing the same outfit, comprising a pale, unsheathed roll of fat protruding between a snug skirt waistband and a too-short, long-sleeved black top that is not sufficiently covered by the holey … Continue reading

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* A hobby for the housewife

This is the footnote to a discussion about the knitting boom, which I had deleted from a previous post. Basically, I made a reference to “knitting-related businesses being treated as investment opportunities rather than an amusing project to keep the … Continue reading

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