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First, there was the skein. The ball of yarn. The one and only. One Skein. The One Skein Wonder. One Skein Wonders (the book, not to be confused with One Skein Wonder, the pattern. Don’t make me post a responsive … Continue reading

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Three lessons

In the April edition of KnitNet (I know, it’s the end of July; I only happened to look today) we have a pretty brief editorial based on the theme of “no good deed ever goes unpunished”. This moral is supported … Continue reading

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Throw away the key

Lil’ Kim says she wants to take up knitting in prison in order to make things like Martha Stewart’s famous prison poncho.  [from transcript provided by Critical TV, via Gawker] Well, this is a woman who has been featured on … Continue reading

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Time is running out on your opportunity to buy this dress. (Found via LJ crochet_snark. I’m sure that somewhere, there’s a garter stitch equivalent.) (Yes, I wanted to offend your sensibilities.)

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Another one.

Woolgathered. Again, another online magazine along the very same lines. I need to finish writing the next instalment about the great online-magazine-no-compensation-for-value toboggan ride.

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YKW's hooker sister

What Not to Crochet. The cape in the December 9 entry is the crochet version of the LB Homespun cape that was on the “fake” advertisement cover of Vogue Knitting (the issue that looked like it had a purple thing … Continue reading

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