Case closed: sierra you later

I warned you about the puns.

Those of you — whoever you might be, and I doubt you exist — who were waiting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next move in the game of chess that is litigation over SIERRA as a yarn name, I’m happy to state that your days of balancing precariously on your beanbag are over.

Cascade voluntarily dismissed its action, with prejudice, against Crafts Americana on January 26. Yes, that’s all she wrote. There was no need for an explanation; Crafts Americana did not have to file an answer to the complaint. In fact, it’s looking like Crafts Americana may not have been served with the complaint to begin with (as far as the court knows). It was over that fast!

Now we will never know what transpired, or what really motivated the filing of this lawsuit to begin with. And now, I will not have the opportunity to point out that — understanding, of course, that the Internet is not determinative of anything — it was not until 2001 or 2002 that Cascade added the Sierra yarn to its website (with a “new”) icon, according to the WayBack Machine (Nov 30, 2001 vs Jan 18, 2002). If this addition represented a completely new addition to the Cascade line, as opposed to merely an addition to the website, then this might contradict the allegation in the complaint that the mark had been in use on yarn since at least as early as 1997. But, like I say, no opportunity to point this out.

2007 may be the year of resolution and settlement. There were, in fact, two other lawsuits I had wanted to post about last year that were still live, and now they’re either resolved or very nearly. One was between two Oregon yarn shops with similar names. (I’ll give you two guesses as to what words were in these names.) That one has been resolved with a consent judgment — someone’s giving up their previously asserted rights. The other involved KFI(!) and Coats — a brief mention here. That one should have settled by now, but there was a bit of a tiff about returning confidential documents as part of the settlement. Guess who’s being blamed for that hiccup.

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2 Responses to Case closed: sierra you later

  1. lori says:

    Gee, it’s getting to be if you’re not involved in some sort of litigation these days in the yarn business, you must not be anybody.

  2. Toni says:

    What a ruckus first with Purl Soho, now this. I must admit I get totally confused over who distributes what (did not Gedifra just suddenly disappear from KFI only to appear at Westminster?). The sad part is all the energy and funds being expended on these cases when the average person on the street (and indeed buying yarn in the craft stores) does not even know the difference between ‘yarn’ and ‘wool’! Regards, Toni in NYC