I am intrigued by the fact that Bliss consented to KFI’s filing for a US trademark registration for DEBBIE BLISS for the new magazine (you can look it up). Previously, when she had filed for a trademark registration in the US for her yarn (never registered — the application was abandoned, I don’t know why), it was in her own name.

Allowing another, arm’s length company (I assume — we do not know the arrangement between them) to be the owner of a trademark of her name reminds me of Another Designer Who Should Not Be Named and her problems with Another Distributor — although mind you, it was not the same situation. In that other situation, She didn’t like what She thought the company was doing in Her name, and She severed Her relationship with the company and obtained trademark registrations for Her name, Herself.

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  1. Andrea says:

    I _love_ the anti spam words!
    But again, I digress. This sitch reminds me of a famous cookie maker long ago who lost the right to use his own name on another product because he’d done what DB did.
    It is amusing to watch from arm’s length.