As expectant Padme waited on Tatooine…

… she decided to get a head start on the booties for Luke and Leia, using her new Jedi knitting needles.

If only the Trade Federation could do something about the outrageous KnitPicks shipping costs to the Outer Rim, she’d be happy.

(How? It’s the old fiber optic trick: internal reflection of light along the length of a carrier substance, but here the carrier is shaped like a knitting needle. You might have seen something similar at the dentist in the guise of a little “flashlight” that bends around corners. You might have also seen those fiber optic lamps that look like little fountains of light, or the novelty pens. As an idea for knitting in the dark, I think it’s nifty, but the potential weight of the battery case at the end gives me pause.)

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8 Responses to As expectant Padme waited on Tatooine…

  1. PennyZ says:

    I liked the seller’s “no return” policy.

  2. LaurieM says:

    I’d rather pay for expensive materials or superior craftmanship than for a gimick.


  3. Dolin says:

    I’d think this would defeat the purpose – you want to see the stich you are knitting, not the shadow of, correct? Ridiculous! But maybe I’m just a purst……

  4. Sonja says:

    May the force be with you.

  5. ~Jo~ says:

    Does this mean I can knit at the movies and see what I’m doing? ;)

  6. Steph says:

    I’d call you a geek again, except I’m getting all the geeky references you’re making.

    Those are totally silly though.

  7. JoVE says:

    I’m guessing things are a bit slow in the lawyer business these days? I am always amazed at what you turn up.

  8. caro says:

    Hahahaha. Those are hilarious!