Another yarn about a lawsuit

… and it has nothing to do with the Hebrides or stitching and bitching. Really.

Knitting Fever Inc. has sued Coats Holdings, Ltd. (i.e., the company that owns Rowan) in the United States for breach of their distributorship agreement. According to the complaint, as reported in that last link, KFI says that it had carved out a lucrative market for Coats in the U.S., but then Coats began selling the products that KFI had been distributing under the agreement directly to retailers under a different label. If someone has a PACER account and feels like spending the money digging up the complaint, I’m curious just which labels they’re talking about.

KFI, you may recall, is the company that began carrying a new line of yarns called the Queensland Collection after it ceased acting as the U.S. distributor for Jo Sharp. I don’t know the backstory there.

And also speaking of Knitting Fever, they’re also the distributor for the new Louisa Harding line. Colour cards and some design silhouettes are viewable here.

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