… and then someone else decided to play

Some enterprising individual has decided to register stitchnbitch.ca and bitchnstitch.ca, and is offering them for sale on eBay (with a modest profit built in).

I’m not certain what point this seller is trying to make, if indeed there is a point beyond trying to make money. I suppose I’m only mentioning this because somebody — the seller? — added a comment to an older post that no one will otherwise ever see, soliciting bids. The commenter used the name “george”. The registrant’s name, according to the whois lookup, isn’t. There is no live site because the domain names were only just registered.

.ca is, of course, the Canadian TLD. The whois lookup is here. Canadian domain name registrants are required to meet particular Canadian presence requirements, which includes a list of permissible registrants, including Canadian citizens and non-Canadian owners of Canadian trademark registrations.

But whoever the registrant might happen to be, or whoever might buy these domain names, here’s a link to CIRA’s rules, including the domain name dispute policy. It might come in handy someday.

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4 Responses to … and then someone else decided to play

  1. Jackie says:

    Every time I check on this auction, his price has gone up. What’s up with that. I think the first time it was $50 and now it’s up to $85…with no bids! Isn’t it supposed to get cheaper if there’s seemingly little interest?

  2. j. says:

    He changed the description. Now the title reads “StitchnBitch.ca HOT!”

    Because everyone likes to bid on things that are described as HOT!

  3. dee says:

    The buyer can (I guess) have the satisfaction of not allowing Sew Fast or perhaps Stroller to have the name. But really… Why would anyone actually want to use the name. “Stitchnbitch” whether trademarked or not, is associated with Stoller’s books. So you’d be dealing with a whole bunch of unwanted and annoyed traffic if it was a personal or even group website. Unless it was for a Canadawide branch of the stitch and bitch movement.

    Still, I wouldn’t want it. Too much hassle.

  4. deety says:

    The best part of this is the guy’s other auction. For $500, you can own the rights to 36 very diverse .com domains, including such winners as sexnjugs, dinosaureum, and rockomedy.

    I’m not sure what a dinosaureum is (and why someone interested in making a dinosaur site wouldn’t make up a different fake word that isn’t taken), but it sounds badass.

    Too funny.