And another tiny slice of irony

The funny thing is, before the most recent rash of trademark-related activity, I was in the process of renaming and redeploying the so-called “stitch and bitch” part of my site.

Here’s the lame old main page for my first site design, circa April 2001 (the March 2001 link wasn’t working just now). Likely not all of the graphics will load, but there you see in the text– “Stitch & Bitch”. At the time, that section comprised only the mailing list digest “parody” and a poll — interactive content! (I’m still fond of that digest; I should resurrect it.) I don’t know where I heard the expression “stitch and bitch” that caused me to use it as a heading. Obviously I must have heard or read it somewhere at least as early as late 2000 or early 2001. I’m guessing it was on the knitlist, because that was my primary source of knitting gab at the time.

I did add other things to the section intermittently. There was a piece that was (kind of) about innovation in knitting (which I still mean to repost and write a sequel about! someday!), and another sort-of interactive knitting list drinking game (you know, take a drink when someone posts about their surgery, or misspells “copyright”). The drinking game used a bog-standard guestbook script so that people could add to the list. Then other stuff got added: the agony aunt (another thing I keep meaning to restore), the garter stitch scarf instructions. And an explanation that the rantings were mine with only the occasional opportunity for reader participation, because a couple of times I was asked by readers how they could participate. (Yup, blogging software made life a lot easier.) Later, I reorganized the site, and subdivided the “stitch” and the “bitch”: “stitch” for useful stuff, “bitch” for less useful.

But late last year, I started thinking that the “stitch and bitch” title wasn’t really suitable: if you saw that title, you wouldn’t think, “oh, here’s where to find all the useful tips and humorous articles”, you’d think of… something else.

So in planning a site redesign, I thought I’d put the useful stuff into “tips and techniques”, the funny stuff into “diversions” (that’s something else that’s been defunct for a while — there used to be knitting-related wordsearches and memory games), and the ranty stuff, um, in the journal, I guess, because that’s where I’ve been putting it lately. The splash page for the site reflects this reorganization, although all those links don’t work yet.

(And the “knitting form and function” bit? Snooty? Well, I had to put something there. If it wasn’t there, for all you know the website could be about spinning or salad or something. And there’s form — clothing and other things that are knit — and function — the widgets I’m still working on and techniques. Get it? Get it?)

So, in short, if you had actually noticed that I had a stitch & bitch section on my website at one point, and then noticed that it was gone, I’m just saying that it had nothing to do with anybody’s real or purported trademark rights.

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2 Responses to And another tiny slice of irony

  1. Bryn says:

    I think your site is informative, well-designed and easy to navigate–evreything you want in a site. And I am one of those that did a screen capture on the SFSE nasty-gram. If a copy is needed by anyone, let me know.