Again with the ponchos

Dear woman I’ve now seen twice on Bloor Street wearing the same outfit, comprising a pale, unsheathed roll of fat protruding between a snug skirt waistband and a too-short, long-sleeved black top that is not sufficiently covered by the holey blue poncho that was probably in pristine condition three seasons ago, but now looks a little worse for wear:

I’m glad you’re so happy; you must be, because you’ve got a big smile on your face. I assume it’s not frozen there, although everybody else on the street has broken out their light-duty winter gear. Did you notice? It’s cold. That poncho is only waist-length. It barely covers your midriff.

Now, the newest, fanciest Winners* in the country is opening on November 17, and it’s right on your usual Bloor Street route. Please stop there, go inside, and splurge a little on something longer.

The chick who’s no fashion icon herself but does manage to cover up her own rolls of fat in late autumn.

*Winners = TJ Maxx to you guys south of the border.

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2 Responses to Again with the ponchos

  1. Steph says:

    I’ve heard that the term for this “fashion” faux pas is a muffin top. Gives a bad name to muffins in my opinion.

    I too like to keep my fat from public view. But will be going to Winners a few weeks after it opens.

  2. Illanna says:

    Gross. Maybe I’ll give HER the sweater that came out too big.