A few "fashion" links, loosely tied together

Knitter’s magazine has posted their themes for Winter 2005 for design proposals (they announced it on their own sycophant mailing list, but I’m sure they sent it out to those who requested it earlier than this, since the deadline is in 18 days). Ignore the text, download the PDF, since it contains their forecasts for 2005/2006 from last year’s Pitti Filati. By the way, follow the links from Pitti Filati to “Trade Fairs” to Filati 57, which is going on right now for 2006-2007; there are a few pictures to be seen there.

Unfortunately it seems that the boys didn’t get the Manolo’s memo. Ponchos are back, baby, for yet another season!

(Before I mock this too much, I have to admit that I saw and really liked a belted cape from Mackage’s F/W2005 lineup. The style can be seen on this site, second image in the movie. I saw a picture of it in a tweed, not that bizarre print. I’m a sucker for Mackage, at least for the stuff that’s wearable on a 5’2″ frame.)

Anyway. Hang on to the PDF, and play a little game with yourself: how closely will the execution of the styles in Knitter’s winter issue represent the themes presented now? Will we see eyelash yarn knit with shrinkable denim yarn? More shrugs to be worn with the LBD? Jewellery made from strands of novelty yarn?

… oh, another segue: findings for turning your knitting into fashion jewellery. Knit an I-cord, glue it into these $40 US magnet fasteners, look like you’ve been strangled by a squirrel’s tail. (Actually, I like the braided black leather look, but that’s because I’m always looking for chains and thongs for use with my pewter pendants.)

This product got a mention in the Fall 2004 VK (missed it completely, I did), but I only noticed it recently because of the coincidence of the company name (the graphic design is also the subject of a US trademark application for use in association with jewellery findings).

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3 Responses to A few "fashion" links, loosely tied together

  1. elizabeth says:

    The belted poncho looks like something a female villain from a 60′s spy movie would wear. Sean Connery-era Bond. How apropos for Girl From Auntie!

  2. Heidi says:

    Funny that Knitter’s picked the blazer a la George Hamilton as one of the influences…

    These forecasts are very interesting. Thanks.

  3. Janice in Ga says:

    Jeez, I was afraid MagKnits (the pattern site) had gone nuts. Then I noticed the missing terminal “s”.
    That’s gotta be confusing to some.