A dynamic programming language would smell as sweet*

I’ve been doing work-work, and haven’t had time to articulate further incomplete thoughts about the nature of… anything. But I’m still on the subject of “taking sides”, so to speak.

But there has been some late-breaking news… or at least, cross-postings.

If your knitting mailing list or forum received a request to take a survey at surveymonkey.com, and you are not taking the survey (or you already have), here is some context, after the jump (so if you haven’t taken the survey but intend to, you can try to avoid tainting your answers to whatever extent possible).

Here’s the context. In a nutshell, Purl, the store in Soho, has filed a number of trademark applications (and has some registrations) for PURL and variants; Purl Diva, the shop in Maine, filed a trademark application that was opposed by Purl. They are, in fact, further advanced in the process than the SnB affair.

The opponent put in evidence of the use of the mark PURL. The applicant put in evidence of the generic meaning of purl, and evidence from “devoted knitters” that they didn’t find two shops using the word “purl” confusing. I will not comment further on this evidence, but you’ll note from the survey you might have just completed that the opposer is focusing on the significance of PURL as a proper noun.

* Yes, I know how to spell Perl.

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8 Responses to A dynamic programming language would smell as sweet*

  1. keesmere says:

    the affidavits from the likes of Melanie Fallick, Trisha Malcolm et al are really disturbing. as industry leaders in their own right they should be ashamed of their own participation in the elevation of this cult of personality BS and the potential destruction of another LYS. those bullies! IMHO they should support all, not one. their willingness to go along with the advertising/revenue $$$ that Purl funnels toward them renders those affidavits utterly laughable: people will say anything for a buck (and that end of year bonus!) and sheesh, enough with the myth of Purl already. sure, it’s a cute lil’ shop and Joelle has a nice book but c’mon, the word is as common as Burger and think of how many burger joints share that in their names. believe me, there is no confusing an In and Out Burger with Burger King. And i’m sure there was no lawsuit there either.

  2. Shannon says:

    The “devoted knitter” affadavits are hilarious.

  3. j. says:

    The Lipset book sounds like it might have an explanation…

  4. minnie says:

    sigh. why can’t we just get along?

  5. j. says:

    Hmm. That sounds like a trip to the library…

  6. hege says:

    I wonder if they will also sue The OCLC Online Computer Library Center for the ownership of purl.com…

  7. JoVE says:

    When Seymour Martin Lipset died recently a cyber-friend recommended his book Continental Divide as a good one for understanding the differences between us and those south of the border. Litigious comes up a lot as a description of US society. Something about the focus on the individual and the desire to limit the role of the state. Seems relevant to these ongoing sagas.

    Also, the combination of all that legal detail with the subject line takes you into new levels of geekdom. (that might be a compliment)

  8. hege says:

    I am very disappointed in Purl Soho. What do they expect when they take a basic word and make it their name? Through some good marketing they managed to get publicity in several magazines and now they are pretty full of themselves…