10… 9… 8…

Found via A Dress A Day: someone with too much time on her hands is scanning and posting the content of celebrity gossip magazines. How long until the content is removed?

… where’s that Blogger DMCA link again?

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One Response to 10… 9… 8…

  1. deety says:

    Wow, she’s posting quite a few magazines there. Someone brought up the copyright issue in a comment and the responses were interesting. Apparently she thinks it’s okay because she’s not claiming that the work is hers, and someone else suggested that the publicity from these scans probably help magazine sales. I guess that makes up for the whole “against the law” thing.

    Part of one of the replies:
    “And really, you can’t stop this type of thing on the internet anyway unless you use gestapo tactics like China does.”

    I’m not sure how cracking down on copyright violation relates to China considering how easy it is to get pirated software or movies there, and I’m not clear on the Nazi/Gestapo connection either. I think someone’s a little confused.